Diary of Jeff Kinney


Jensina Bailly writes, I was thrilled this week when I found out that I got to interview Jeff Kinney…

I was thrilled this week when I found out that I got to interview Jeff Kinney, the author of New York times BEST SELLER Diary of a Wimpy kid on February sixth! This weekend he won the Colorado Children’s Book Award, this morning actually. Here are some questions that I asked him.JB: How did you come up with the series?JK:I wanted to be a cartoonist, but my drawings just weren’t good enough, so I thought if I wrote, AND drew, they couldn’t turn the book down just because of the drawings, and that was where Greg Heffly was born. I collected funny things in an idea book, and that took me about 4 years to fill that up. Originally it was supposed to be just for adults, but it got turned into a kid’s book. (I paraphrased this one from his speech during his conference)JB: How long does it take you to write the book?JK: about 9 monthsJB: Why did you write your book in a diary form?JK: I thought it would feel more authentic if it were a diary instead of a story. That way, I didn’t have to be such a great writer, I can be a little more random.JB: How do you feel when writing the books?JK: Tired. It takes a lot of work, and it takes me away from my family a lot, but I am happy when I am done.JB: Who is your favorite character, and why?JK: I like Rowley because he is just comfortable with himself, where as Greg is worried about his reflection. Rowley likes himself the way he is I guess. (This was also paraphrased be me.)JB: How long have you just been writing just for fun?JK: About 12 years.JB: Why is the story about a wimpy kid, and not a cool one?JK: There are enough storys about cool and heroic kids, so Diary of a Wimpy kid is for the rest of us.JB: Why did you title your series, Diary of a Wimpy kid?JK: I wanted the reader to know that this kid isn’t perfect.JB: Did you ever think that this book would become a New York times Best Seller?JK: No, I didn’t even think that it would get published!JB: Did you want to write these books when you were little? JK: I wanted to be a cartoonist, I never thought of writing books. I thought maybe my cartoons would be collected, but I never thought I would be an author.JB: Did you have a teacher that inspired you?JK: Yes, I had a fifth grade teacher who really inspired me to be funny, but she encouraged me to go for quality laughs, and I thought that she had the right idea.Have you heard of the movie coming out for this book? Well, I guess it is coming out soon, but my teacher was the first one to tell me about it, so after I watched the trailer like twenty times, I came up with some of these questions…JB: What kind of input did you have in the movie?JK: I was with it all the way through, and in fact, from you know, casting, to writing to filming, and in fact, I am going to California tomorrow to work on the animations.JB: Do you think the movie will make the book more popular?JK:I think that everyone will know what Diary of a Wimpy kid is, I don’t know if it will make the book more popular, but I think like your grandmother will know what it is.JB: Which book is the movie based on?JK: The first one.JB: Are you exited about the movie?JK: It is going to be a little different from the book, but yes I am. (Paraphrased by me again.)Jeff Kinney over all was pretty neat, and as I thought, he was SUPER nice. I want to recognize my 6 th grade class at Bill Roberts Middle School for coming up with some really good questions to ask him. I would recommend Jeff Kinney’s book to ages 8 through 135! The books are super funny, and make me feel good about myself, I hope it has the same affect on you.


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