Valentines Warm Hearts at Wind Crest


Christiana Holladay writes, Service learning projects are a great way to help the community.

Service learning projects are a great way to help the community. Ms. Miller’s sixth grade class at Saddle Ranch Elementary went to Wind Crest Retirement Community on Valentine’s Day to hand out cards. We chose to make cards for the residents instead of handing out valentines to each other. Our class had to make 450 cards. Our class started a Change for Change jar which is a jar where our class puts money for special causes like Pennies for Peace, which is a organization where one penny equals one pencil in Pakistan. We learned about Pennies for Peace from the book Three Cups of Tea and the author’s daughter inspired us to help the community. Each person in my class had to research a cause that they wanted to donate money to. Instead I researched the idea of handing out Valentine’s cards. My Girl Scout troop has delivered paper flowers to patients in the hospital and I wanted to do something like that with my class. Twenty-eight students made cards, as well as my sister, Jillian, and brother, Jacob but only eight students, including myself, were able to deliver the cards on Valentine’s Day. The students were: Kenzie Govett, Nick Bodemann, Natalie Davis, Madie Flin, Katie Wagner, Sam Rovno, and Connor Miguel. Three parents helped us by driving and being there including my mom, Jennifer, Monique Miguel, and Alan Davis. We met the residents, handed out cards, made them smile, and had a great time. Resident Mary Ellen Patrick said, “the valentine’s brought tears to my eyes.” Bill Kock said to my mom, “you brought them from the neigboring school? Terrific idea.” One resident appreciated our hard work when Dick Ruck said, “You made them? That makes them even more valuable.” Every resident was thankful and appreciated our hard work. Every one of the students were filled with joy and happy they came. I was proud and thankful that I went to Wind Crest and I would recommend this project for any class or group that is willing to help our community.