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Gabi Curry writes, In early February teachers gathered at the Hyatt and Marriott Hotels in DTC eager to learn how to become better reading …

In early February teachers gathered at the Hyatt and Marriott Hotels in DTC eager to learn how to become better reading teachers at the annual CCIRA (Colorado Council of the International Reading Association) conference. I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to attend the conference as a reporter and presenter. I was able to interview authors; talk to people about reporting, and even had a chance to interview Dr. Robert Jarvik, a medical scientist who along with a large team of scientists and doctors developed the Jarvik-7 artificial heart. After arriving at the Hyatt Hotel I attended a breakfast that encouraged teachers to explore newspapers in education. The Denver News Agency hosts this breakfast annually, always including a guest speaker. This year was to be Marilyn vos Savant. She has written the ‘Ask Marilyn’ column in Parade Magazine since 1986. She is the author of several books and short stories. Unfortunately she was ill. Taking her place was her husband, Dr. Robert Jarvik. He did a fabulous job of sharing about her role with newspapers. After breakfast and interviewing Dr. Jarvik, I had the privilege of talking to a group of teachers about my experiences with the Denver Post and encouraging them to have their students read the newspaper and sign up for yourhub.com/nextgen.During the day between breakfast and my joint presentation with Youth Editor, Jill Armstrong I was able to meet with two distinguished authors who were presenting at CCIRA – Alan Kats and David Harrison. Both have published multiple books for children. Due to their busy schedules we did not have much time but were able to talk for a few minutes.At the Denver News Agency session later in the morning teachers hoped to discover how to use newspapers in their classrooms and how to encourage student to become reporters. Jill and I shared our experiences with the Denver News Agency from short articles in Colorado Kids to attending the Democratic National Convention. It was a hectic day filled with new experiences and opportunities to meet dedicated teachers.


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    That was a very informational piece. Um how do u check your comments. I have no idea how and i have some. oh also im Emma Robinson one of your mom’s students in 2005. Thanks for that awsome piece.

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