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Melissa Riley writes, Have you ever competed in a triathlon?Have you ever competed in a triathlon? Have you ever thought about competing in a triathlon?

Melissa Riley writes, Have you ever competed in a triathlon?Have you ever competed in a triathlon? Have you ever thought about competing in a triathlon? Do you even know what a triathlon is? Well a triathlon is a sport that lots of people compete in every year. A triathlon is where you swim, bike, and then run. I am a triathalete myself, I have been competing in triathlons since I was 9, so about 4 years. I love them, they are so much fun and since I am a huge sports lover, it's three sports in one! It couldn't get much better than that. To compete in a triathlon you have to do three things; Train, have the will to do go through with it, and really love to push yourself.


I have found a few quotes about training. "Training is what you are doing when your opponent is sleeping in" and another one that states, "Half way across the world someone is training when you are not, when you race him, he will win." The good thing about training for a triathlon is that while you are training for a triathlon you probably are training for another sport too. For example I do swim team in the summer, so I think of swim team as me training for the swimming part of the triathlon, and I also run about 3 days a week and I am training for a triathlon, but I also play soccer so how much I run helps with my soccer and triathlon. Now you can't use excuses by saying "well I don't have time to train for a triathlon because I have to train for all my other sports", because I guarantee you that all your sports will tie together in some way. The distances depends on how old you are, I am 13 I just did a triathlon this last summer and I swam 200 meters, biked 8 miles and ran 2 miles. If I am not training for another sport at the time I always make the distance I train longer than the actual distance I race. For example 200 meters racing, everytime i swim and train I will do 400 meters so then when I actually race it will be much easier.


The second thing you need to have is the will to go through with it. A few days before my very first triathlon I went to an orientation for it, the guy there said "if you can do one triathlon, you can do anything." It's really nerve racking with everything going on before a triathlon, meaning minutes before you get into the water. One time I was so nervous I basically started crying because of all the adrenaline rushing through your body. A quote that seemed right for this paragraph is, "When anyone tells me I can't do anything…I'm just not listening anymore." I like that one because it is so true with me especially, my mom is constantly nagging me that i can't do something and I always respond with "watch me" and then I always prove her wrong."The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender." So if I am at the breaking point where I just think I can't go one and compete I think of everything I've done to get here and it would be horrible to give it all up,also I know I would regret it later.

Finally you need to really love to push yourself. "Winners make goals, losers make excuses," Again when I train farther and harder than what i will need to race I am pushing myself. It's a good thing to push yourself to your limits just as long as you get rest and nutrition afterwards. "Some people dream of sucess while others wake up and achieve it," So when you wake up at 5:00 (it's not that bad) to go to the triathlon you are waking up and achieving the success. One time I got back from a triathlon and I called my friend to see if she could hang out, it was about 9:00 a.m and they weren't even up yet! I was so surprised given I had been up for a few hours and already swam, biked,and ran before most people were even up. "I sweat more before sunrise than most people do all day." The most recent triathlon I competed in I woke upat 5:00 a.m. was there for a few hours, got home at 11:00 a.m and went to soccer practice at 11:15 for an hour and half, see you can do that but then you have to sort of "lay low" the next few days so all your muscles recover and you get some rest.


Obviously a triathlon is hard work. It takes training, will power, and pushing yourself to do your best. After you do a triathlon you will want to do more triathlons, or even if you don't it's good that you tried and now you can say you've done a triathlon."Never underestimate the heart of a champion."


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