Legislative Day


Rogelio Gamboa writes, On February 18…

On February 18, 2010, Colorado had a Legislative Day (Sponsored by CGAT) where a group of people shadow a Legislator for the day. I was one of the people chosen and I had the opportunity to shadow Representative John Soper. This was an experience of a lifetime; I had a tour around the Capitol, I got to experience the floor where Bills where in the third reading (which is votes from Representative’s electronically), and just seeing what a Legislator does. My experience was great, after I got to the Capitol I met up with my partner and we both met up with Representative John Soper. The first stop we made was to the floor where bills are read and voted upon. My Representative taught me that there a three reading of a bill in different days; first reading is where the speaker reads the bill, the second reading is when the bill is debated on and voted by “Yay” or “Nay”, and the third reading where the votes are actually counted by electronically. One thing I didn’t expect to see on the floor is a lot of humor, my Representative says that you’ll need one to get through the day. I also noticed that the Legislators didn’t sit still for the entire time the went and talked to other Legislators. The tour I took in the capitol was very informational, I learned things I didn’t know. One of those things was that the capitol has tunnels running all through the ground like a labyrinth. And another thing I didn’t know was that the balls at almost every stairway is a cannonball. On the tour I saw a lot of different legislators moving back and fourth, doing they’re work, they seemed very busy. All in all this was a very informational field trip, and I really enjoyed it, I hope I could go again next year.