Legislative Day


Johnnie Nguyen writes, I was fortunate enough to be able to shadow the Honorable Representative James “Jim” Kerr.

I was fortunate enough to be able to shadow the Honorable Representative James “Jim” Kerr. The day started with a trip to the Colorado History Museum. There, we had an orientation, sort of Q&A. I also met my partner who was going to shadow with me. After, off to the capital we went. Of course, picture time came. “Cheese”!We arrived at the capital entrance and went through security. Finally the time came to meet my legislature. He was on the floor. We soon got in and had the opportunity to watch what it’s like in a everyday legislature’s schedule. It was beyond what I expected.Most importantly about the whole day, was the learning experience. I learned a very important part of our government. The biggest subject emphasized there though was I also learned about the process of a bill. Even before the bill is introduced in the first reading, there are writing teams and lawyers that take a lot of time to process and make the bill to introduce it. Then, after that it is given to a committee. Now a committee can let the bill pass, or it can kill it. After that, is the second reading of the bill. In the second reading, people debate and discuss about what’s wrong and how to change it. Lastly, the bill goes through a third reading, in which all the representatives sit down and vote on bills to pass. I also learned that it’s not all about work and no play. Representatives have great sense of humor and soon became very amusing for everyone.Around 11:40 we had lunch back at the Colorado History Museum. Everything was going stupendous. We were allowed to ask questions to some of the legislatures who were kind enough to join us. After our stomachs were full, we made our trip back to the capital. I had enough time to tour myself around. Unfortunately, at 2 PM I was required to head back for my departure back to school. Oh, what a wonderful day.