Wondering about Alice?


Kaitlyn Sudolnik writes, Alice in Wonderland (also known as “Underland”) is a fantastic movie.

Alice in Wonderland (also known as “Underland”) is a fantastic movie.It is about a favorite and classic Alice, who has grown by thirteen years after her last trip down the rabbit hole, and unbeknownst to her, is getting engaged. Right as Hamish kneels down, Alice spots the white rabbit, chases it, and falls down the deep, dark hole. While there, Alice must save Wonderland from the Red Queen.The people who play some of our favorite characters are: Alice (Mia Wasikowska), The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), The White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), The Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), The White Queen (Anne Hathaway), Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum (Matt Lucas). The plot is beautiful; I loved how they base the characters on the book but changed the story up. The acting is great… downright AWESOME. All the actors and actresses make it seem like the characters are real. Also, the makers of this film did unique visuals.It looks like a dream. There are mushrooms everywhere and the trees sparkle; I applaud everyone on the set of Alice in Wonderland for doing such hard work. But there were some characters that looked like cartoons-separate from reality.This movie will make you think, “Is it better to be feared than loved?” It will also help you to know that when you are faced with something difficult, you can do it, even though you, yourself, may think that overcoming that difficulty is impossible. While fighting the Jabberwocky, Alice thinks up six impossible things, as her father had told her, to help her build confidence. You will find that the message of the movie is that you can do anything that you think is impossible.The movie is directed by Tim Burton, and he made it quite scary in some ways; there is beheading and scary creatures. I wouldn’t recommend this for kids below the age of ten. It would be perfect for ages eleven-adult. All in all, a wonderful message and a great movie.


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