It’s All About Legislative Day!


Connie Appiah writes, My experience at the state capitol on Legislative Day was amazing.

My experience at the state capitol on Legislative Day was amazing. I am very happy that I earned the privilege to shadow state legislator the Honorable Representative Karen Middleton. Experiencing how bills are decided and passed astonished me. If I was given the opportunity to shadow a state legislator again I would absolutely take the chance.One of the things that I experienced on Legislative Day that highly interested me was the committee action. I was able to go to a committee that addressed the issue of seniors with hearing disabilities to get health insurance. A deaf man, who highly supported the bill came in to the committee with his translator to express his support towards the bill. He emphasized how he wanted seniors with hearing disabilities like himself, to be able to get health insurance. He also stated that seniors with hearing disabilities would really appreciate it if they received the medical attention that they needed. For this particular bill every citizen that came in to the committee, supported it. Other citizens of Colorado also came in and were able could come in and testify for or against any bill that they were concerned about. If it wasn’t for that experience I would have never thought that citizens of all ages could speak and be heard when it came to Democracy.When third readings were being discussed on the floor I did not expect that things were going to be done in such a fun way. I thought that everything would be really strict and serious but it was nothing like what I had imagined at all. The legislators and representatives had lots of humor and they joked around a lot. After Legislative Day, I came to realize that in a job like this, if there was no humor it would be very hard to get through the day.The whole procedure of how bills were passed really caught my attention and interested me. The Legislative Day experience made me realize how busy legislators are with their occupations. The Honorable Representative Karen Middleton told me that she had a really busy life, and her occupation required a lot of work. I now know that state legislators and representatives of Colorado, work really hard to improve our education, economy, and our environment. They do the best they can, and they listen to citizens when they speak. Without this experience, I don’t think that I would have ever known how all of these procedures in our government really worked.


  1. It sound like a good time…
    It sound like a good time and you learned a lot. It also sounds like they have fun at their jobs but get it done.Good job.

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