My most enjoyable place


Orion Pilger writes, Imagine a Place where you have no cares whatsoever and you enjoy everything in that place.

Imagine a Place where you have no cares whatsoever and you enjoy everything in that place. That place is the place I am in right now. As I inhale, I smell so many smells at once! I smell fresh, clean water, earthy dirt on the breeze, the aroma of fresh chocolate just out of the oven from the Chocolate Factory begging to be eaten, and the misty smell of pine trees all around me. I feel the cool breeze on my skin and the warm sun smiling down at me. When I look forward, I see lots of buildings. There are condos which are light-blue like the sky and have big windows that are close to the ground. There are also restaurants with shops nearby. On the left side of the condos, there is a line of different shops. Some for fishing, some for owning houses, some for souvenirs, and many others. That line of shops is connected together with the same terracotta, clay style plastering and covering. Just a few more paces from that line of shops is another one, this one with restaurants. This line of shops is covered with a cloud white, rickety covering. There are more shops like the other shops but there is a fancy restaurant, a bar, and a pizza place incorporated with the shops. Most of the restaurants and shops have that rickety, white covering but the fancy restaurant has a stealthy black covering. The Fancy restaurant even looks like a person wearing a tuxedo or a stealth suit! The restaurants also have tables outside of them. In between each line of shops, sits the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The Factory has a big window with a green covering above it that exposes all the sweet, yummy treats they have for sale. The door is wide open for families to come in and go out freely. The Factory is like a person you love holding their arms open for you to come and be loved. By the door, a hazelnut brown bench stands with a big, golden bear (who has a chocolate brown shirt on) sitting on it. I know the bear has been there for a long time because the fur is faded so it looks like a rusty walnut color and the shirt is also faded and has big, dark stains on it. I also know the bear is old because he smells like smoke and a musty, rotten old houseIf I sit completely still on my ocean blue paddleboat, I hear the sound of geese squawking and water spurting around as the geyser in the water spews water and as the fish dart around, eating things in the water. As I look up close at the water, I notice a huge fish, as big as me, staring up at me as if to say, “What are you doing here,” or, “Do you have any food for me?” I also see a water bug propelling itself through the water to the dock, about 50 feet awaySitting in my boat, I feel content and happy and I have no cares at all. I feel as if I have taken the very crystals out of life and have put them in a necklace for me and everyone to enjoy. I run my hands along the side of the water as I rest in my boat and I feel cool, refreshing water. As I delight in the gentle waves of the water, I taste a chocolate mint with a little bit of icee (from Wal-Mart) taste from the smells I smell. Overall, this is the most enjoyable place I have EVER been to


  1. This is very descriptive!
    This is very descriptive! I love how you let the reader imagine that he/she is there. I could actually see the lake! This is very good!

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