Knockout Interview with UFC Fighter Shane Carwin


On Friday March 12, 2010, I went to the Grudge Training Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado to interview Shane Carwin.

On Friday March 12, 2010, I went to the Grudge Training Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado to interview Shane Carwin. Shane Carwin is a mixed martial arts fighter who competes in the heavyweight division of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He is undefeated and he's won all 11 of his fights in the first round.


Not only is Shane a great athlete, but he is really smart and cares about education. He has two degrees in engineering and was a 3 time Academic All-American. Even though Shane is one of the top fighters in the UFC he still keeps his job as an engineer, because he loves it. He lives in Greeley, CO with his wife and children.


Shane Carwin is fighting Frank Mir for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship on March 27, 2010 at UFC 111 in New Jersey.


When I first saw Shane I was nervous because he is really, really big! When he shook my hand I thought he was going crush it. It turns out; Shane is a very nice guy.


Here is my interview with Shane:


Devlin: What do you love most about MMA?

Shane: "What I love most about MMA is that it allows me to still be able to compete. It's a sport that I love to compete in. Different people like different sports and I happen to like MMA."


Devlin: Do you get nervous before your fights?

Shane: "You know, I get a little bit nervous maybe 4, 5 or 6 weeks out but then as I get more prepared and mentally ready, by the time the fight comes I'm excited."


Devlin: What do you do right before a fight?

Shane: "Right before the fight we're usually in the back room and I'm with all my coaches and we usually have a little joke around session so we keep it light and laugh a little bit. But then I usually do about a five minute burst to get warmed up and get ready to go out there and fight."


Devlin: Do you have any superstitions?

Shane: "No, I try not to have any superstitions. The one thing I always do before every fight, every night and not just then but throughout the day is I pray a lot."


Devlin: Do you have anything against Frank Mir?

Shane: "Do I have anything against Frank Mir? No. I don't have anything against anybody I fight. They are a competitor just like me and they want to go out there and win."


Devlin: How do you think the fight will end?

Shane: "I'm going to predict a knockout…by me. Who did you think I was thinking?"


Devlin: Who would you like to fight next?

Shane: "I think it's destiny that I fight Brock Lesnar."


Devlin: Who is your role model?

Shane: "My role model would be my mom. She raised us three boys on her own and made sure that we had an education first."


Devlin: What advice would you give to kids who want to train MMA?

Shane: "First thing is to be good to your parents, right? Listen; respect them and adults, all that's part of MMA. Get an education."


Devlin: You have a nine year old son; does he watch your fights?

Shane: "My son gets to watch my fights after the fight, not live, just to make sure everything turns out alright and that I'm there to explain to him what's going on and to educate him."


Devlin: Does your son train?

Shane: "My son plays basketball, football and soccer. I couldn't be happier than watching him."


Devlin: What would you think if your son wanted to become a fighter?

Shane: "You know, as long as he's getting an education, participating and doing everything that he needs to be doing in order to get his education and be a contributing member of society, I'm alright with that."


Devlin: If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

Shane: "The Incredible Hulk. He is a superhero, right? Or is he a villain? He's a good guy."


After our interview, Shane took pictures with me and my brothers. I hope Shane wins his next fight so I can interview the new Heavyweight Champion!To see pictures, videos and learn more about Shane Carwin you can visit his official website at