The Liberation of Gabriel King


Erin Moriarty writes, Gabriel King is a smart kid who lacks courage.

Gabriel King is a smart kid who lacks courage. When he misses “Moving-up” day because of some bullies, he decides that he won’t move on to the 5th grade. When Gabe’s best friend, Frita, decides to liberate him, Gabe prepares for the worst. Who knows where this summer will lead him! However, one thing is certain; Gabe will remember this summer forever. After all, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.This was a fantastic book with a great moral. K.L.Going knows kids and the fears they face better than anyone I know!I recommend this book to everyone, especially 4th and 5th graders. However, I do not recommend this to kids under 8 because of some swear words.~~Erin Moriarty


  1. Good review…
    Good review, though you could have made it a little longer and given more details.

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