Movie of a Wimpy kid


Jensina Bailly writes, Well, Jeff Kinney did it again!

Well, Jeff Kinney did it again! His book became a movie, and Jeff Kinney was the executive producer! The movie was similar to the book, as you follow Greg through his life, and middle school. It was definately a laugh out loud movie, just like the book. They did add some characters and scenes that weren’t in the book, and they took out some really cool scenes from the book.It was just about Greg’s life, and how he handles it. He is a misfit for sure. He isn’t very nice to his friends, or to his brother, Manny. His is a terrible influence to anybody. Basically you just follow Greg through his seventh grade year. It is really good because a lot of people can relate to it. Like totally being embarrassed with your mom, or something like that.Over all, it was pretty close to the book. They added some things that to me, weren’t necessary, like this girl that wasn’t in the book. She didn’t seem to have a very big part, that was important in the movie.They chose the characters well. They aren’t too much of who they are, and aren’t too little. Rodrick was perfect. He was always mean. He never was really truly happy, always mad at Greg, just like the character. Fregley was well, let’s just say gross. He was pretty good at acting really weird, and nasty.Rowley was really good also. He was so innocent, and kind of an embarassment to Greg. Greg was the best though. He acted so into himself, so mean, and unremorseful. Greg wasn’t and isn’t a very good role model to younger kids, and even older kids. If you see the movie with a younger one, you have to let them know how bad Greg really is.The movie had a different ending than the book. The ending made Greg seem like the good guy, but the book makes him seem bad. You’ll have to see the movie to see the end.Some of my favorite parts were when Fregley showed Greg and Rowley his “secret freckle”. He lifted up his shirt, and showed them a freckle. I think that my dad got a little creeped out. The freckle was brownish purple, and had a hair on it. Every time I mention it to him, he goes “Uh!”Another good part was where Greg and Rowley decided that they weren’t good friends. Greg goes over to Fregley’s, to show Rowley that he has different friend choices too, and it turns out bad. When Fregley finds candy in Greg’s bag, and EATS it, he goes completely crazy. He chases Greg around with a booger on his finger, and Greg locks himself in the bathroom. Later, Fregley slips a note under the door, Greg realizes, after he reads it, that Fregleys booger was on the paper, and Greg was touching it.It was a wonderful movie, and I would suggest it to pretty much anybody! Just make sure you tell your kids before you go in, if they are at the age where they look up to pretty much anybody, that Greg is the worst influence ever! See it March 19, 2010 in theaters near you!


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