Soccer Refereeing: Be a Part of the Game!


Chase Hoven writes, When most people watch soccer games, many are concentrating on the players and where the ball is.

When most people watch soccer games, many are concentrating on the players and where the ball is. But one important piece of the game is often overlooked. Without this person, havoc would commonly break out on the field. Players would violate the rules and spectators would interfere with the game. Luckily, these situations don’t happen often. That’s because this person is there to make sure that the game flows smoothly, that the players play a fair game and that onlookers respect each other. You guessed it… this person is the referee. The referee is essential when it comes to coordinating a soccer game. Playing a pick-up game at the local park doesn’t require a ref, but when you get into Recreational, Option 1, Competitive and Professional games, a referee is a must. Known for their bright colored uniforms, sharp whistles and their knowledge of the world’s most popular game, these people enjoy their job, and want everybody who comes to a soccer game to enjoy it as well. Want to know more about referees? Just ask Vince DeBartolomeis, a thirteen year-old youth referee. Knowledge about the game is vital when it comes to reffing, and Vince knows a lot about the game of soccer. I also had the chance to interview him and get his thoughts about reffing:CH: Why did you decide to become a referee?VB: Since I play soccer, I thought that becoming a ref would help me learn more about the game. You can never learn too much about soccer because rules are constantly changing. In addition, you also get paid, which is an added bonus.CH: What’s it like to see the game from a new angle as a ref than a player? VB: As a player, you’re always rooting for your team and seeing what you can do better to help them. As a ref, you’re neutral, and your sole purpose on the field is to make the game fair.CH: Who do you recommend becoming a ref? VB: Anybody who likes soccer. It’s a great way to get exercise and some fresh air while enjoying the game.CH: What’s the best park about being a referee? VB: Money’s always up there, but sometimes it’s the satisfaction that you helped make the game fair. And, it always feels good to know that you did your best.Still want some more info on soccer reffing? Visit


  1. very good story.
    very good story….and it’s true….referees are often over-looked. i play soccer and am thinking about referring for some extra cash and fresh air, and this has very good information for me! great job having good word choice, while still keeping it simple and informal!

  2. I love this story!
    I love this story!:) You make it simple, but still do the best work you can. I loved your word choice and this piece is greatly put together. Keep up the nice work!!!

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