Jump, Spin, Skate-Olympic Figure Skaters Amaze All


Meghan Sharma writes, Winter Olympic figure skaters this February gave a new view on skating.

Winter Olympic figure skaters this February gave a new view on skating. With many competitors and only three winners, everyone attempted to achieve the best. However, Kim Yu-Na of South Korea gave the most astounding performance.On February 25, the free skate took place at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. After many performances, the top six took the ice.Rachael Flatt from Colorado, United States went first skating to “Rhapsody on a Theme of Pagini” by Rachmaninov. She finished seventh with 182.49. Next was Miki Ando of Japan who finished fifth. Her score was 188.86, according to NBC.Then, the first place skater, Kim Yu-Na of South Korea, skated. Fulfilling a graceful routine to “Concerto in F” by George Gershwin, she gave a personal best skate of 228.56 points as a total for her free and short programs. She got the gold medal for this Olympics’ women’s figure skating. She also received the first gold for South Korea in a sport other than speed skating.After that, Mao Asada of Japan took the ice. Although she got second, she mastered one triple axel in her short and two in her free-becoming the first to do so in one Olympics. Each triple axel is three and a half rotations and are very difficult to achieve. She got a total score of 205.5 points.Next was a Canadian skater many found to be touching. Joannie Rochette skated after her mother passed away a few days before. Her performance got her third place, a bronze medal, and 202.64.Lastly, American Mirai Nagasu skated to “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. She ended up in fourth-one place shy of a medal. After her short program, skating to “Pirates of the Caribbean” and her free program, she was given 190.15.Figure skating is a sport that requires tons of dedication, practice, and hard work. It’s a sport that you can always feel like you’ve achieved something. If you work hard at the task you are given, you could, one day, end up in the next Winter Olympics.


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