Animally and Austinac


Cambria Pilger writes, The story of edamame began with the story of Animally.

The story of edamame began with the story of Animally. Animally, a very young, tall giraffe is hidden in the bushes. She is ready for any moment to….. pounce on her brother. They had been playing around for the last couple of hours. No one had gotten hurt. No one yet, at least. She made her move and attacked! Then they got back up and laughed for a while. Then they raced back to the house. “Yes! I beat you! Yeah! This is the first time EVER that I have beaten you!!” exclaimed Animally, excited.”Yeah. Yeah. Who really cares who wins or not every time? I can just…Never mind. It’s hurtful.” said Animally’s brother, Austinac. “Wow! I can see the mountains from here! Just look at that beautiful sight!!” “Oh my, Austinac! I can see them too! They’re beautiful! You have one good eye! (And by one, I mean both of your eyes…)” Animally said, impressed.”I know. I’m good.” said Austinac, making the middle part of good long out.”Austinac, you know that you can’t always not be a humble guy. Come on. Follow me. Let’s go.””Wait. To the mountains?””Yeah!””Uh…Okay..I guess so.”And so off they went, talking. They galloped over to the mountain’s base. Then stared up at the huge, glorious sight.”Man. If I could own that, I would!!” said Austinac.”Yeah! You can say that again!” exclaimed Animally.” you really want me to say it again?””NO! Austinac, you KNOW I was just kidding..It’s an expression.” explained Animally”Oh…Ok. Well how ’bout we go climbing on this big baby? Okay?”Animally agreed so off they went. They struggled and fell and trampled and clamped and did all they could to climb that big monster. And they succeeded finally. When they got to the top, they looked around and all they could see was clouds. They got scared and didn’t want to come down. It would be too much a struggle to go down again. ‘When you get to the top, it can be harder to get back down.’ They finally built up all their gumption and slowly made their way back down. In about an hour, they made it down to the bottom. Down there, their mother was waiting for them – a nice surprise – worried so much.”Why did you guys leave without telling me?! You got me worried sick, kids! Go to your room for five minutes. I need to have an individual talk to both of you.” said Astasia, their mom.”But mom-“”Don’t but me, Austinac! Go to your rooms now, like I told you to!”So they sadly had to go to their rooms but still communicated through the walky-talkies that Santa had gotten them last Christmas.”Wow! An adventure like THAT is what I live for!” Austinac said joyfully.”Yeah! I know! I wish we could have another adventure like that sometime again soon…Though not the same one. It DID get a little scary in a part. You know, when all we saw were sky fields of white, fluffy clouds..Yeah. It’s like that was a dream. In real life.” shared Animally.”I know! Maybe it is…Hold on. I’m going to pinch myself.””NO! Austinac don’t-“Animally tried to stop Austinac.”OW!!!! That HURT!!!! Gosh.””Austinac, I was TRYING to tell you not to do that. But you couldn’t hear me. Well mom’s coming in. Bye!” said Animally.”Animally, I need to have a serious talk to you about what you and your brother did to scare me. Was it on purpose? What did I do to you?””You didn’t do anything. And no, it wasn’t on purpose.””Why did you guys do that?””We wanted an adventure, Mom.””But you SCARED me half to death!””Yes. Well we’re sorry for that. We forgot to tell you about it.””Ok, Honey. Well thank you for helping me. Now go into the kitchen and fetch yourself a nice snack, okay? And I’m going to have a talk to Austinac like you.””Okay, Ma.” So Animally was safe and happy. She went into the kitchen and got herself a big plateful of leaf de jour leftovers from last night.”Yum!”And that’s the end of this story of Animally.