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Cambria Pilger writes, I went and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the movie theater the other day.

I went and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the movie theater the other day. I thought it was fantastic! Although not exactly as I was thinking it would be. Rodrick was mean but I don’t think he was as mean as he was in the book. Also, I don’t remember Manny getting Rodrick’s magazine because of Greg in the book. I thought the movie got a little dull in parts so if I could give this book a rating from 1-5, five being the best, it would probably be a 3.5. That’s my review on Diary of a Wimpy Kid the movie.


  1. this was a good story…
    this was a good story, but next time, try a stronger title instead of “My Review” that will really captivate your readers. Also, maybe try a stronger topic sentence to pull you readers in, and a stronger concluding sentence to leave your readers refreshed. Also, with a good review opportunity like this, try adding more detail in your review. All these tips will really improve your writing and help you get a story in the post!

  2. Like Erin and Lauren said…
    Like Erin and Lauren said, you should include more detail. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, so I’m kind of lost when reading your review. What’s the plot line? Who are the main characters? Why did you like it or dislike it? Also, you should try coming up with a better title so more people will read your review.

  3. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
    Thanks for the help and suggestions! That really will help…And I know..This WAS my first review so it was a little bit weird but I’ll use your tips to help me next time.Cambria

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