Some New Girls in Town


Elise Collins writes, The high pitched screams of girls waiting in line for the opening of the American Girl Store filled the air at 9 am on March 27…

The high pitched screams of girls waiting in line for the opening of the American Girl Store filled the air at 9 am on March 27, 2010. American Girl opened its eighth store at the Park Meadows Mall on Saturday. The line stretched and doubled back down the length of the sidewalk at Park Meadows Mall. People arrived early to the opening event because American Girl was giving out goodie bags for the first 100 girls in line. The first girl arrived at 7:30 pm the evening before, so she spent the night outside the store before the opening. At 6:30 am there were about 400 people in line and the temperature was below freezing. Four hundred girls and their 400 dolls waited in anticipation as more people joined the line. It was about a four hour wait to get into the store. While in line, people drank hot chocolate and ate donuts for breakfast and girls chatted with each other while Moms talked. “My favorite thing about American Girl is the dolls that they make.” said Megan Anderson, age nine, and Mary Frances Blatter, age eight. Many girls were excited about Lanie, the 2010 girl of the year. April Haugen, age nine, was looking forward to the store opening since she wanted to get Lanie, because Lanie loved nature. Many girls don’t just like the dolls- Alondra Gonzalez, age nine, said “I like the fashion for the dolls.” April said she enjoyed the books and has read over 50 of them. Even one of the little brothers, Brody Haugen, age six, knew right away which doll was his favorite American Girl, “Kit, because she has a dog named Grace.” The store was brightly colored and displayed everyone’s favorite American Girl Dolls in showcases. They had outfits and accessories in little boxes neatly stacked on the shelves. Girls rushed around selecting dolls and outfits for their doll collections. There are look-alike dolls, and historical dolls. The store had matching outfits for girls and their dolls. Dolls weren’t the only thing available, there are American Girl books, games and DVDs. Doll hair styling is one of the perks that the store has to offer. Professional doll hair stylists can untangle your dolls hair and put it into style of your choice. Another unique store feature was the make our own dolls t-shirt. Girls are able to select their own pattern and watch it being made right before their eyes. Some of the most popular items were the American Girl Denver t-shirts, for both girls and dolls that can only be bought at the Denver store. Stephanie Spanos, a representative from American Girl said, “I think in the simplest form, American Girl is all about celebrating girls. We want to celebrate girls and their interests.” Many girls came to the opening with an American Girl and brought home a new friend for their doll. You can go a visit the American Girl Store without having to wait in line. They are open from 10 am to 8 pm on Monday through Thursday, 10 – 9 pm Friday and Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday.


  1. Wow – great story, Elise!
    Wow – great story, Elise! I love how you describe the store and it’s great that you interviewed some kids….it’s amazing that some people slept outside the night before just to get in!!! Fantastic story!

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