Let’s Make Green Our Favorite Color…


Dannika Harris writes, Don’t be mean, go green.

Don’t be mean, go green. There are so many ways families are going green, such as changing light bulbs to energy savers, turning the lights off, using less water, car pooling or taking the bus, and recycling our papers and plastics. My family is one of them. We own Best in the West BBQ, and have been a family owned business for 16 years. Last year we did some wonderful outdoor events in Louisville and Lafayette where everything is green. The Eco people showed us how to recycle our left over trash and what it could be used for after it was composted. I even learned that lids on water bottles and pop bottles could not be recycled. Did you know that a plastic fork will sit in a land fill forever? So we use corn starch forks from Eco Products. They are made from renewable resources (natural plastic), such as plants. Products from plants take less energy to make and are certified compostable by the BPI. (Biodegradable Products Institute) We also use Chinet paper plates instead of treated styrofoam plates. It might cost a little bit more but in the long run we are doing a small part for the planet. For more info about eco friendly products, check out www.ecoproducts.com I would like to thank the Eco people for the information. If we all do a little something to help out , it will make a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!