Jim Thorpe: A Football Fanatic


Erin Moriarty writes, Jim Thorpe is an Indian who needs an education.

Jim Thorpe is an Indian who needs an education. His parents send him off to boarding school after boarding school after boarding school. However, Jim becomes home sick and always runs away. Then Jim finds one school he doesn’t want to run away from; Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Here he discovers his love of sports, especially football. The book, Jim Thorpe,follows Jim through his years at Carlisle and on to the Olympics, where summer ball could disqualify him. We watch how football has changed, and how it has not.Jim Thorpe is a wonderful story full of passion, friendship, and lots more. It is both funny and serious. As Joseph Bruchac, the author,wrote these words on paper, he grabbed a hold of each moment, each experience, and held them, frozen in time.Jim Thorpe is relatable and memorable. I would recommend this book to anyone, any age, sports fan or not.