One Season, for Her


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Have you ever had to work really hard at something to make it to the top? My basketball team has.

Have you ever had to work really hard at something to make it to the top? My basketball team has. We’re no travel team, we play for our school and compete against other schools. This year, we tried as hard as we could to make it to the championships. We went undefeated and won the championships.We worked hard as a team and never let our anger get the best of us. Some games were easy, while others were very hard. I think we won because we had a reason for winning other than hard work and team work. We were playing every game in honor of somebody. Last year, on the last week of school, my good friend’s mom and our basketball coach passed away unexpectedly. This year, I said a prayer to her and dedicated every game to her. She was with us the entire season and I think that’s why we played our best. At the end of the season, we dedicated our undefeated season to her with a poem, speech, and a bouqet of flowers, given to my friend and teammate who was the daughter of our coach. Here’s the poem: CoachSomeone who never expects anything but the best,Who pushes you to try your hardest,And goes through it all with you,That person who never fails,To show up early, And swab the floors,That person, Who isn’t disappointed when you fail,But helps you to be better,Who lives in your heart,And cares about you,Beyond one season,And you remember,Forever,With one title,CoachThis whole season was very hard work. We had games that weren’t our best, but in the end we would pull through. We also had games where our good sportsmanship was put to the test. We had to keep our heads cool and just play. We always remembered how our coach would want us to play, we did everything for her. Who would want to bebad sportswhen we were playing for her? Basketball is a sport that anyone can love. Through our teamwork, effort, determination, and closeness, we won the championship.


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