January: Conspiracy 365


Justin Roach writes, Callum Ormond was just a regular kid, until now.

Callum Ormond was just a regular kid, until now. Callum was chased down a street at night by a homeless man who was screaming, “Keep away from it Callum! They killed your father! They’re killing me! They’re going after you for 365 days! Week after week! Day after day!” Callum thought the man was crazy and didn’t know what he was talking about, so he carried on with his business.The story “January: Conspiracy 365” is about Callum Ormond, a boy whose father died of a rare disease in Ireland. Callum later receives drawings from his father, who was mentally ill at the time he drew them. He also finds out that certain people want him. The drawings have clues to this riddle, prophecy, etc. that runs in his family. Apparently those drawings are VERY important. He goes through a lot of tough challenges, battles off a shark, and fights for his life. Callum must run away for the next 365 days, or he’ll be killed! Things I liked about this book; It was very mysterious, it had a lot of heart-pounding moments, amazingly detailed, and made me feel like I was right with in the book!Things I didn’t like about this book; sometimes slow paced and a little too creepy.I would DEFINITELY recommend this book for ANYONE who like mystery and horror novels. But, i think this book is for 4th grade and over. The book is January: Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord. It was published by Kane Miller and is 185 pages long. This book is part of a 12 book series. Each book being a month, combining into a full year.


  1. Nice review.
    Nice review. Try to go into more detail- but don’t give anything thing away. Good job!

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