Taylor Swift is FEARLESS


Emma Selner writes, “Is it possible,” I thought, “For me to lose my hearing at a concert?!

“Is it possible,” I thought, “For me to lose my hearing at a concert?!?” I looked around at the cheering fans and knew I was screaming just as loud as they were. The curtain rose, and the music started. I screamed even louder, and I thought for sure this time, the Pepsi Center would collapse. Taylor Swift strode out on the stage and the concert began. Taylor Swift is doing her ‘Fearless 2010’ tour world-wide. She has already preformed in Australia, several parts of the USA, and Japan. She has approximately 22 performances left. She is joined by; Al Wilson-drums,Grant Mickelson-lead guitar,Paul Sidoti- Guitar,Caitlin Evanson – Fiddle, Amos Heller- Bass,Ben Clark- Banjo. (Emily Poe left the band in January.) She opened with her hit ‘You Belong With Me’. Everyone in the stands was in shock when she rose up from underneath the stage dressed in the tackiest band uniform you could ever find; not to mention she also had on black cowboy boots. She came down the stage, rocking her curly blonde hair the entire way. She skipped down next to her dancers (dressed in cheerleading outfits) and two of them each grabbed an arm of her outfit and they pulled on each arm. Then….. BOOM! Suddenly she was wearing a silver sparkly dress. When the spotlights were directly on her, it was impossible to take a photo because it turned out as a ‘glowing Taylor,’ and you couldn’t even see her dress. (Don’t worry- I took a picture of her on the jumbo-tron where you could actually tell she was wearing a pretty dress.)After every single song, the fans (as if it was possible) screamed even louder. She just stood there and soaked it in, literally. She smiled, strode across the stage, and waved to fans everywhere.At one point after a break, she started singing, but no one could find her. Suddenly a few spotlights go on and she’s sitting in the crowd!! She was wearing a yellow sun-dress, and I can’t remember what she was singing because I was so excited that she was so close to us! Look at my pictures to see how close she was.My favorite part (as if it’s not ovbious!) were her outfits. She had a few sparkly dresses, her tacky band outfit, a black dress, a yellow dress, and a loooong red dress. She looked so good in every single one of them, and she actually looked surprisingly comfortable, too.My second favorite part was all the different back rounds. They would change with each song’s theme. When she sang ‘Picture to Burn’ the stage literally looked like it was on FIRE! Then, when she did ‘Love Story’ there were castles and flowers and dresses everywhere! It was perfect.Taylor Swift Fearless concert was my first, and man, it was quite the fairytale.


  1. Great story and I love th…
    Great story and I love the last sentence. My sister would have loved that! Just a couple of grammar errors: in the third and last paragraphs it would be “then” instead of “than”.

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