Oceans, A Movie You Have To See


Holly Anderson writes, “The sea will tell you of her power.

“The sea will tell you of her power.” the narrarator explains. It’s true. You will notice this during the new Disney nature movie. Every flop of a fin, every crash of a wave, every noise. The movie, Oceans, goes along with the Earth movie which came to theaters last Earth Day. Oceans is a fascinating movie, one that will make you say ‘wow’ at least twice. It really captures the deep ocean in a fun way. This makes the movie even more interesting. It really made the audience sit on the edge of their seats. Each part of the movie shows a different part of the earth’s oceans. Even the weirdest animals here show a different personality than you would expect. Oceans informs the viewers about ocean animals. Most of the animals you could see are the most amazing you will ever see. It’s one of the craziest films. Disney nature really took us to the depths of the sea and back again. The filming is what really makes the movie real. While watching you will ask yourself over and over again ‘how did they film that?’ And that is true. The filming takes you under water and also above water, taking you to that moment. The filming shows each animal at a different view, showing there personalities through a lens. Oceans is about an hour and a half, but it feels shorter. Jacques Perrin, the director and the screenwriter, put this movie together really showing the oceans. As the narrator Pierce Brosnan puts character into a movie with words. As a G rated movie I would highly recommend this movie to anyone from ages 1 to 100. Even though this movie has parts where a young person could not understand the movie is still breathtaking. It really shows parts of the earth we do not really know nor would we see in any other way. On April 22, 2010 the new movie Oceans came to theaters. So be sure to check it out and learn a little about oceans in an hour and a half.


  1. You wrote your story really well.
    You wrote your story really well. I saw this movie with my classmates (we just did a project about oceans, it fit perfectly with this movie). I didn’t seem to like it as much as you did, but I think your opinion is definitely valid! Nice job, Holly!

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