Rachel’s Challenge in Wellington


Allyson Malecha writes, Little acts of kindness go a long way.

Little acts of kindness go a long way.So does the program Rachel’s Challenge,a program to start the chain reaction of kindness in the world.Craig Scott, the brother of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine shooting, founded Rachel’s Challenge.The message of kindness introduced in the program has been shared with over 5 million people.I was lucky enough to interview a student in the program, Lydia Allen, a 6th grader at Wellington Middle School.Lydia told me about the main principles of the program, which are to createa positive chain reaction, to set goals, and to be optimistic. In the program,the group of about 10 students meets once a week with their teacher to discussthe projects and activities for the program. They raise money through means like Rachael’s Ring, a chain to build in each classroom or penny wars between the grades. The money has been raised for Project Education Sudan, an organization to help educational projects in southern Sudan. The group makes announcements to the school and presents to individual classes about spreading the message of kindness. Thestudents in the program are encouraged to journal or diary daily.The program also teaches students how to deal with bullies. If someone makes fun of a student, they are told to compliment them and give them 3 tries to get better before asking for help. The bully will probably stop because it is hard to be mean to someone who is kind. Lydia says their school has improved in the few years this program has been in action because people have been kinder. Students have opened up and have not been afraid to be themselves thus creating a sense of unity and eliminating prejudice.The best part of the program according to Lydia is the activities they get to participate in. She would recommend it to every school in every grade because it is inspiring and educational. The kindness taught hopefully continues through a student’s life and inspires them to be the best they can be. If there were three things we could learn from Rachel, I would say to…1.Be kind to everybody, you might start a chain of kindness going!2.Strive everyday to be your best.3.Look for the good qualities in everyone.Who knows, we might start a chain reaction of kindness!


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