Chloe Barrett writes, When you think about kids being leaders you might think, “Well, maybe???” or “They don’t have what it takes.

When you think about kids being leaders you might think, “Well, maybe???” or “They don’t have what it takes.” This weekend, I met with a group of kids that were learning to be wonderful leaders and had the chance to hear about this amazing program that taught them the ability to succeed with great leadership qualities. The program was called Kidlead.KidLead is an amazing program that helps open up the child’s ability to lead. There are many Kidlead executive leadership training program workshops throughout the country. Inside the workshops, the trainers set up games that stimulate the child’s leaderships abilities by active learning. Active learning means that while the children play games, it’s actually a learning experience. Some of the games are getting into groups and solving a problem or developing a plan of action.While I was there, I had the good fortune to meet and speak with the founder of KidLead, Dr. Alan Nelson. I asked him several questions regarding the program he designed.Q: There are 16 qualities for this program. How did you choose these?A: “I studied a lot of leadership programs and what people look for in leaders. Also what the most important qualities are to become a successful leader.”Q: How do those activities help the children’s leadership qualities bloom?A: “The children go through the activities offered and prepare to learn the essential skills and ideas.”After speaking with Dr. Alan Nelson. I was able to interview some graduating members of KidLead. I asked some of the blooming leaders about how would they describe KidLead.”It’s a great program and helps me become a positive leader.” (Sophia Inda). I also asked how they have used their leadership qualities in the real world.”I am a leader during class and help organize what my group needs to accomplish.” (Sophia Inda)”In volleyball I work together with my teammates and help keep us together.” (Isabel Noonam)As you can tell, it is possible for kids to become distinguished leaders.