My Neighbor Totoro


Joey Dearing writes, Most people have normal, average neighbors.

Most people have normal, average neighbors. But when Satsuki and Her four-year-old sister, Mei, move to the country side, their neighbor is a bit strange. By a bit strange, I mean a giant, furry forest spirit.’My Neighbor Totoro” by Hayalo Miyzaki is a true work of art. Visit the house of Satsuki and four-year-old Mei as they travel into the land of a magical forest spirit, Totoro. A lumbering gray giant of a forest spirit, Totoro can only be seen by children. As you travel down this clever tale, you’ll also meet (in addition to Totoro) a few small Totoro, and a cat. But here’s the catch- the cat’s a bus. So, magical creatures, cat buses- had enough yet? Well, next stop: special features!Enter the World of Ghilbi in the special features to take quizzes of all of Miyzaki’s movies. Some include ‘Totoro’, ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’, ‘Ponyo’, ‘Castle in the Sky’, and many more! For the Totoro quiz, guess who I got? Satsuki! Buy the new 2-disc special edition to find out who you are!