Get Aducated!!!!


Zoe Knight writes, The new website, admongo.

The new website,, “aducates” you! This website, through an online game, teaches you what advertisements really say, who are responsible for them, and what they want you to do, so tweens can examine advertisements with a better understanding. The first step is to create your game piece. Choose from many different options to customize your game piece, including gender, hair color, skin tone, clothing options, and accessories. Then create an account with a screen name and password. After that, you can start the game! In the first level, “The Atrium”, take a stroll-use the left and right arrow keys to move your game piece – up and down the block, collecting advertisements and coins. If you need help, chat with the friendly owl on the bench. The advertisements you see here are ones that you would see outside in a city. I was really surprised to learn about why advertisements are placed at public bus stops. They are placed there because the people waiting have nothing else to look at, so they look at the advertisement. Once you hit the space bar to collect the ad, a window will pop up, providing information on the type of advertisement it is, as well as a question that you can answer for 500 bonus points.The advertisements you see in level two, “Home Sweet Home”, are ones you can find in your house, such as magazines, commercials on the TV, and posters. Another thing I learned while playing this game was that the free posters companies give out are usually to promote their company. Beware the guards! The guards can knock you down, which causes you to lose coins. You can defeat the guards by jumping-use the up arrow key- on them. The game is educational and fun. The people who created this website did a good job. I reccommend this website for ages 10 and up.Go to to play the game!!


  1. I saw your article in the paper.
    I saw your article in the paper….congratulations!!! Nice story and awesome information. I am going to check this website out sometime soon. Thanks for the good advice and strong writing!!!

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