Old Dogs


Haley Rogers writes, Spending time with your family can sometimes be trying, but is usually very special.

Spending time with your family can sometimes be trying, but is usually very special. In the movie Old Dogs, two best friends, Robin Williams, and John Travolta, experience new challenges and rewards of family life and caring for kids. They are suddenly given the task of taking care of two seven year old kids that they’ve never met before.Robin Williams and John Travolta are bachelors/business partners and have no experience with kids, so it comes as no surprise that they make a few mistakes along the way. To complicate the situation, they are in the biggest business deal of their entire lives, and they don’t really have time for kids. In the end, the business partners have to decide whether business or family should come first.Overall, I thought this was a pretty good movie. The acting was great and Robin Williams was amusing. Unfortunately, the movie starts out slow and the humorous experiences are limited. The story builds with silly interactions between characters, but some of the scenes are not very realistic. For example, in one of the scenes, a minor character sneaks into a gorilla enclosure, and the gorilla starts to cuddle him to sleep. These scenes are designed to bring humor to the movie, but in the end make the story feel unbelievable.Old Dogs is probably a good movie for kids over the age of seven. It is rated PG, so it is appropriate for most people, but people younger then seven might not understand some of the jokes. The humor might be considered rude, so parents may want to preview the movie before showing it to very young children. If you like Robin Williams, I’d recommend RV as another good family comedy. Old Dogs is out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Renting or buying this entertaining film might provide a great chance to enjoy some time with your family this weekend.


  1. Good writing.
    Good writing. Worst movie I’ve ever seen except when my friend forced me to watch the Last Song with her. But really, keep up the writing.

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