Youth With a Voice


Kyler McCleland writes, I recently joined a group called “The Northglenn Youth Commission”.

I recently joined a group called “The Northglenn Youth Commission”. It is a group of youth that help make changes to my city to improve the lives of youth. To simplify things, our mission is to provide youth in and around the City of Northglenn with an opportunity to get and stay involved with their community and have their ideas respected as if they were adults. We help turn the ideas of youthinto action and help make changes that are benefical to all. I joined in September of 2009but I couldn’t just show up. I first had to be interviewed by the members that were already a part of the commission.After having theiraproval, I had to be interviewed by our City Council.After they voted,I wastold that I had been appointed tobeactively involved in the commission. Since September, we have done a lot of things for our community. We helped kids make cookies at our city’s Safe Street Halloween and ran a booth at our city’s Christmas celebration and more. Plus we are involved inprojects that aren’t finished yet like a skate park that we are in the process of designing. All of this is done by a group of nine kids and two adults. On some of our projects, like the Safe Street Halloween, we get help for groups like the policedepartment and groups like that. All of our ideas come from within our city. What happens is someone from our city brings a youth related issue to us a we find a way to help improve whatever the issue is about. For instance, we recently were given the issue of stereotypes.Wearranged a workshop with youth and adults to teach people about stereotyping and how to prevent it. During the workshop, we played games and had discussions about not judging one another. We get our fundingin different ways. We do some of our own fundraising and also apply for grants. Along with that, sometimes we have to go in front of our City Counciltoproposeideas or to get permission for projects. They also ask us to do things like the Christmas Celebration. All ofthese activities take planning andis discussed a couple months ahead of the event. Since we only meet twice a month, the first and third tuesday of every month,we havea lot to discuss. The Youth Commission isa great chance for youth to get involved in and help make changes to their communities. No matter how much work it is, since its just kids, its a lot of fun and we laugh a lot at the meetings. So it’s funbut also it has a business feel to it.It gives me a chance to experience government in a fun way. I stronglyencourage anyone who wants to have a say in what happens around them to see if their city has any type of program like Northglenn’s. Try it out and see if you enjoy being a bigger part of the community. It’s a great way to make friends and make a difference in the community. But most importantly, it’s a way to have your voice heard. You have a right to have your ideas heard and respected. The voice of the youth today can lead to a better future because the youth are the future and these groups help make the future look bright.


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