The story of the Terrific Night


Cambria Pilger writes, “Honey! Time for dinner!! Come and get it!!!” Mom called.

“Honey! Time for dinner!! Come and get it!!!” Mom called.”Mom! I’m not a baby anymore…I might be to you because you are still my mom, but I don’t want to go. I’m waiting for Jake to come pick me up for the movie theater. And also, Mom, I am 16 now. I shouldn’t have to be treated like a baby at this age. I’m a teenager!…I will still eat this food but afterward I am gonna’ go outside to wait for Jake.”So I gobbled down all my food. “Yum! That was great, Mom!! Thanks for the food. Now I got to get back to waiting! Bye!!” DING-DONG!!I raced upstairs and changed my clothes, got some money, grabbed my jacket, and zoomed downstairs and outside.”Hey, Jake! You’re late. What took you so long? My mom has been TORCHERING me! (Sigh) Well whatever. Let’s just get to the movie theater before my mom starts crying on my shoulder.” I quietly yelled.”Wow. Does your mom STILL treat you like a baby, Sugarpie?” questioned Jason.”Yeah. And let me tell you, I hate it…I mean, your mom doesn’t treat you like a little kid anymore right?””Right, ‘Lizabeth. My mom doesn’t.” Well let’s stop talking about this and get onto driving. About half an hour later, we arrived at the movie theater.”Goodness! That took so long!! So Jason. What romantic movie have you ordered tickets for?””The one you’ve been wanting to see for a long time.””Really? You mean, The Rescue of Shark Monster? It has such a weird title but it’s so romantic and nice. Thank you for “rescuing” me from my mom.””Liz, I have something to tell you. I don’t want to, like, break your heart or anything but…I’ve planned our life out.””(Big breath) You mean, you’ve planned,” I cryed. “that we should do this and that? Oh…Please…Tell…Me.” I said, crying so much.He swept me off my feet and said, “Yes Sugarpie, and you helped me. How you felt, how you feel, how you act. It’s not a bad future. To me (pause to breathe) it’s wonderful. We shall get married in your favorite spot.””Palm Beach?!””And live in the place you’ve always wanted to go.””New York?!””We’ll have the amount of kids that you have always said you wanted.””4?! Oh Ho-“”And die at the age you want use both to die at.””102!””And whoever dies first, will be buried where you decide.””For me, Hawaii. For you, Hollywood. We’ll die at the two H’s.””Oh, Liz!””Oh, Jason!” We couldn’t hold back the excitement we bared. I jumped into his arms and him in mine, and our first true loves kiss was made.The End…


  1. Okay.
    Okay…So I know this story is a little weird but I made it a while ago and just added and changed things on it….It’s a very strange “drama”.Cambria

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