Dannika Harris writes, All the time parents say eat more fruit, eat your vegetables, and stay away from the pop.

All the time parents say eat more fruit, eat your vegetables, and stay away from the pop. I know we (kids) should listen, but sometimes it is easier to ignore. This past week, Denver had a very special guest come and speak about good eating habits and a healthier body. The great, the amazing, Dr. OZ. You might ask who is Dr. OZ? My family and I know him as 3:00pm Dr. OZ Show, Monday through Friday, on Channel 7 (abc). He talks about everything and anything we need to know about our bodies and health. He is also a great heart surgeon and works out of Columbia University and Columbia Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. OZ works closely with Oprah Winfrey and writes a column in her O Magazine. I don’t know when he has time to sleep. Ha, Ha, Ha. At the luncheon, Dr. OZ talked about the importance of eating properly and seeking regular medical check-ups yearly. He also talked about how diets fail because we fail at one time or another, but to learn from our mistakes and have people teach us how to manage our decisions on eating and proper exercising. “People are made to move, if it’s walking, running, or dancing. We are not built to be sitting around doing nothing” Dr. OZ says. He stated, we need to get the press and other influential people to talk about how cool it is to be healthy and to have a healthy life style. At the lucheon Dr. OZ showed a video about a woman who said she had not made her house payment for 2 months so she could get medical care and was in the process of losing her house because it was to much money to take care of her health. Just think, this woman will be homeless and may die because she doesn’t have enough money for doctors bills. This makes me very sad that people can’t afford health insurance. Dr. OZ has many great ideas on this problem and is working towards solving this situation. After lunch I got to sit down and ask Dr. OZ a few questions like, who made you so interested in helping others keep fit inside and out? Answer, “My wife played a big role”. Question, Besides eating healthy, is exercising everyday just as important? Answer, “Exercising is the most important, by not exercising, kids will be hurt in this country”. Question, How do you get picky kids to eat vegetables when they don’t like them? Answer, “The average child takes 12 times to taste and like something, once they do, keep on introducing new food to their diet”. Question, What advice do you have for pre-teens and teens to keep healthy for life? Answer, “Go outside and play, this also teaches kids how to negotiate. Try to get walnuts, salmon, fruits, dark vegetables, leafy greens, and berries in your diet”. The last question I asked was what is the worse junk food for kids to eat? Dr. OZ said “Soft drinks, because they have so much sugar and caffeine in them. Instead, get sparkling water and add fruit juice to it”. I tried it and if you do it with orange juice it tastes like orange crush. After the interview, Dr. OZ did the Aaron Harber Show. I was asked if I would like to sit and watch the taping of it. Of course I did and it was so exciting to see all the cameras and lighting on the set. For more info about Aaron Harber and his show, check out www.HarberTV.com . I would like to give a great big thank you to Channel 7 News Crew Anne Trujillo, Mike Landess, Mike Nelson, and General Manager for being so nice and making me feel very welcome at the luncheon, Mayor Hickenlooper for the speech concerning Denvers outdoor activities, Aaron Harber for letting me see his show, Jill Armstrong for letting my mother and I be her guest, and last but not least Dr. OZ for opening my mind to healthy living. I would also like to thank the Westin Tabor Center for the wonderful meal.The most important thing or advise I learned is kids and adults need to get moving. No more sitting around and saying we will do it tomorrow. Get outside and have fun with your family. Who knows, you might end up liking your younger brother.


  1. Great story!
    Great story! It must have been amazing to meet Dr. Oz, the Mayor, and Mike Nelson. There were just a few grammatical errors;other than that, it was great!

  2. Dannika, I love you story!
    Dannika, I love you story!!! Congrats on getting it published in Colorado Kids.Try spacing out your article…it makes the wonderful things you have to say easier to read. Thanks!

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