Emma Robinson writes, Around.

Around.Despair lodged in the spaces of his mindA lapse in silenceA retraction in awarnessA blank sheet masks his faceIn his eyes traces the song of a boyWhere is my brother, did he want to goDid they take him?Why have you left me, my brother?Why is life to hard, but so easy to take?I don’t want to be here anymoreIt is okay, a friendly voice singsGive inBrought by hope he trudges onShe crushes that hopeA hope so pure eaten by laughing and licking fireBurns with hateThat burns the sightA blind boy with no hope,Who is silent,Who wants to scream,Who will neverHitting her utill eyes stop looking at himUntil she screams she is so sorryUntil she cares, or anyone doesUntil himself caresA single sound, open, lingeringHe reaches out willingWanting to clasp it in his handsBlue and red lights coming againA silent boy wants silenceA silent boy curls in the darkAnd yells for loveHe shakes, he stumblesHe doesn’tA silent boy’s story never endsIt’s retoldMeaning is changedA silent boy’s story never endsitgoes


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