Aquatic Field Biology Camp


Melissa Kaiser writes, Splish, splash I was taking a bath.

Splish, splash I was taking a bath . . . or at least I was in a lake on a belly boat. (That’s like an inflatable chair.) This summer I went to an aquatic field biologycamp. I studied many things that had to do with water. The camp I was atwas a special camp that was an extra week of Outdoor Education Laboratory School. OELS is a Jefferson County School District field trip that lasts a week. It happens in sixth grade. If you work hard, you can get a chance to do an extra week of OELS. At aquatics we did many things. On Monday, we looked at water samples from places near our houses under the microscopes. In mine I found many bugs and a few plants. On Tuesday, we collected, identified, sorted, and looked at through the microscopes things called macroinvertibrates. Macroinvertibrates are creatures that live in the bottom of lakes, ponds, steams, etc. They are not microscopic,so you can seethem without using a microscope. That night we watched a movie thatwas about water and what type ofanimals liveindifferent types of water. Wednesday was another busy day. Two people came up and went electrofishing. Electrofishing is when you get on a boat with ametal ball attached to it. The metal ball sends electricity waves through the water that cause fish to have muscle spasms whichmakes them swimto the metal ball. When the fish get about a foot away from the metal ball, they get knocked out. They are then scooped up with a net and brought to land. We only got one trout. We measured it and weighed it. After that we put it back into the water. We also gotwater samples and tested the water there.We went into the bellyboats then. Whenyou areona bellyboat you have to turn around in the boatin ordertomove aroundinthewater. On Thursday, we made presentations forwhen ourparents would come down. We also tied flies. After we tied flies, we went dry fly fishing.That night we did water colors. We painted trout. On Friday our parents cameup to Mt. Evans, which was the place we were staying at. we presented what we learned, and then everyone left. It is a greatexperience to do what I did , so if youget the opportunity to do what I did, take it. It iswonderful.