“Eclipse” Stars Show Denver Some Love


Bailey Cross writes, If one thing can be said over and over again about the cast of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse…

If one thing can be said over and over again about the cast of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” it’s that they love their fans. And judging by the frenzied crowd at Sloan’s Lake Park June 27th, their fans love them, too. During a visit to Colorado to promote the movie, which opens in theaters June 30th, Tinsel Korey (Emily) and BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) arrived to an organized mob of screaming, chanting and star struck fans. From the moment they arrived on site, the energy in the air became palpable. They wasted no time zigzagging back and forth between the gated off aisle, signing whatever was put in front of them (including phones, shoes, arms, books and empty popcorn boxes.) They fearlessly offered hugs and took pictures with their adoring fans. Between shouts of “Tinsel! Over here,” “BooBoo! Come back,” and “Sign this! Sign this,” the “fan-demonium” was deafening. But nothing would scare these dedicated cast members away. As 16 year-old BooBoo was ushered away from the crowd for a meet and greet with radio contest winners, he snuck off, racing back to the crowd and signing as much as possible before his father, who doubles as his bodyguard, made him return to the waiting contest winners. And what lucky winners they were. After twenty minutes of signing books and posters and taking pictures, BooBoo, Tinsel and the lucky winners were escorted to a stage. With BooBoo and Tinsel asking questions, a Twilight trivia contest began, radio winner against radio winner. With a winner declared, Tinsel presented a prize and the event moved on to a question and answer session with the fans and the stars. With the warning that “Will you marry me” is not one of the questions, the session started. Judging by the noise level, the crowd was delighted to learn Tinsel’s and BooBoo’s favorite color (turquoise and green, respectively) and favorite breakfast cereal (Lucky Charms (“only the marshmallows”) and Puffs.)”My life has definitely changed a lot since filming Eclipse. It used to be that you would say my name, nobody would show up,” BooBoo managed to get out, in between the screams from the idolizing audience. “This is so awesome! Thank you guys for making my life change.” “Both of our lives have changed in a huge way, and it’s all because of the fans,” Tinsel told the audience. “You guys have made this movie awesome.” With that, Tinsel and BooBoo left. Fans were not too terribly disappointed, for a special screening of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” sponsored by Moviefone, began upon their exit. I’m willing to bet that BooBoo Stewart and Tinsel Korey gave fans a night they are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.