Rifle Gap Shoots and Scores


Have you ever gone camping? Did you fish, hike, swim, boat, or play sports?

Have you ever gone camping? Did you fish, hike, swim, boat, or play sports? I am about to tell you about my experience at Rifle Gap State Park, a site in Garfield County, where I camped the first weekend of June. You can find this site at 190 miles West of Denver on I-70. This camp is beautiful and very enjoyable.


On Friday, at 2:00, we left for the park. The drive up was delightful. I spotted a tall cliff that was completely red and mountains that really caught my eye. Our friends Susie (mom), Mike (dad), Kacey (oldest child, 4), and Charlie (1) had already arrived with their RV. Mike cooked up a delicious dinner of hot dogs, corn, and pork. We ate heartily as we gazed at the golden sun sinking behind the mountains, which created a gorgeous fire blazing red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue in the sky. We stayed outside a little longer, viewing the twinkling stars. Then, when we couldn't stay up any longer, we went to bed.


On Saturday, we ate breakfast. My sister and I raced down to the lake and waded in the muddy water. We skipped rocks across the lake. Molly, the dog, fetched tennis balls we threw for her in the water. Following this event, the group of us drove to Rifle Falls State Park, where we saw tons of amazing nature. Some of these included 100-foot waterfalls, bat caves, and forests high atop the Rockies. Afterwards, we headed to Rifle Gap Community Pool, where we swam until about two. When we got back, my mom made Campfire Stew, which is beef, veggies, and potatoes with gravy. I just sat there and roasted s'mores until I was tired enough to fall asleep. On Sunday, we packed our things, said goodbye, and headed home.


At the park, I had tons of fun. I wish we could have fished! I suggest that if you come to this park, you should fish. The campground's fishing facility is great, and the lake is rich in average sized fish. Boating is also a wonderful opportunity to get more out of this park. There is plenty of shore space to store your boat and plenty of sailing space to sail your boat in.


A must take item is definitely Bugspray. Many must take items remain, but the thing that is most important for the camping trip is bugspray. Walk through a cloud of flies, they will come at you with an indication of pursuit. There are tons and tons of bugs living in this area, for it is near a body of water and is a desert climate, and nobody likes annoying pests. So just make sure you have a can of bugspray.


Here are some pointers for the trip: always have a jacket with you, it can be used for almost anything (protecting your face from smoke, keeping you warm, emergency bandage, etc.) ; Make sure you have a first-aid kit; Do not go near any large wildlife; Watch out for dark clouds; Don't wander off. If you follow these rules, you are sure to have an exceptional time at Rifle Gap. To get more info, you can Google or Wiki search results for "Rifle Gap State Parks."