Stars Dish on “Eclipse”


Bailey Cross writes, It’s that time again!

It’s that time again! “Twilight” mania is taking hold of Colorado as Twi-fans prepare for the opening of the latest installment in the saga that has taken the world by storm. Opening June 30th, “Eclipse” promises to draw crowds to the theater for weeks to come. During a recent visit to Colorado to promote “Eclipse,” I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with two stars from the movie. Tinsel Korey, who plays the scarred Emily, happens to love anything to do with art and Lucky Charms cereal (only the marshmallows though.) BooBoo Stewart, who’s the newest addition to the wolf pack with the role of Seth Clearwater, loves the color green and just released a single (“Rainy Day”) on iTunes with his sister, Fivel . Throughout the whole interview, both Tinsel and BooBoo were laid back and very down to earth, joking around with each other and having a good time.What attracted you to the roles of Emily and Seth?Booboo- It’s a really cool story. There was a fan who contacted me on MySpace and said that there was this character named Seth Clearwater and that they thought I would be perfect for him. So I started reading the books and got an audition. And thank God the character turned out to be a really cool character!Tinsel- For me, it was because my little sister was really into Twilight, so I wanted to do the movie for her. Emily is just a strong character, and that’s something that I look for when I’m choosing a role.How do you relate to your character? Is there anything you’ve learned from your character?Tinsel- I think I’ve grown a lot from playing Emily; just the way that I look at vanity now. Women a lot of times will get a pimple or something and just focous on that. When you have something like [the scar] on your face your inner beauty really has to show. The scar makeup took, at the longest, seven to eight hours, so I was the first on in the makeup chair and the last one out. It made me see that true beauty comes from your inside so that was important for me to showcase that.Booboo- Seth just wants everyone to get along. He’s the only shape shifter who’s friends with a vampire. My character seems like a really down to earth guy. I think that’s how I am; at least I hope I am!What was the best part of filming?Tinsel- The best part is probably the relationships between the cast. We’re very much a family, so what you see on screen is pretty much how we are off screen. And we played a lot of pranks on each other, so that’s always fun.BooBoo- The best parts for me were meeting the cast, meeting the director and just being there and filming in front of the camera. Seeing the fans and hanging out with the cast were fun too.What was the worst part of filming?Booboo- The rain. That was a hard one. It was raining A LOT. Luckily the crew was amazing- they built this tent over the set- so if you watch the movie, it’s not raining at all.Tinsel- I just watched the film, and I was thinking the whole time, over and over again, “It just down poured that day!” It was ridiculous. And you don’t see any of the rain in the film.Booboo- Yeah, we’re all dry, and anyone that’s not in the shot is just soaking wet.What have you learned about yourselves throughout this whole experience?Booboo- I’ve learned that you have to stay just calm and down to earth. You can’t let everyone telling you, “Oh, you’re so cool, you’re so awesome, you’re so good,” get to your head. My family’s always with me, so they keep me grounded, which is really good.Tinsel- I think I’ve learned not to take what people say about me personally. I think that a lot of times people see you in magazines and don’t know who you are personally and then comment about you. I’ve learned to say, ok, this really has nothing to do with me; it has to do with whatever is going on with them. So it’s just sort of learning to step away from that sort of stuff.Do you think you would ever want to live inside the world of the Twilight Saga?Booboo- Well, living inside a world with vampires and shape shifters, and wolves…. I don’t know. I like the world I live in right now. I think I’m ok with being a normal person.Tinsel- I think it would be cool for awhile, just to have some mysticism. If you ever go down to Quileute and LaPush, the energy there is just so mystical that you feel like people really could shape shift into wolves and that there’s all this, like, supernatural stuff going on there.Is there anything you want to say to fans out there?Booboo- I would love to say thank you for all of the support! It’s really incredible how loyal all of the fans are and how much they just really want to see you do better and how they’re just always there to help you. It’s really awesome, so just thank you so much.Tinsel- The fans are always thanking us for coming and hanging out. And it’s like, “No, thank you!”Booboo- Yeah, and it’s awesome that people actually want to see the movie.How do you think fans will react to Eclipse? What was your reaction?Booboo- The action looks awesome. The stunts just look so real! I think the fans are really going to love it and when the girls bring their boyfriends, I think the boyfriends are really going to love it too.