ISTE 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition.(Day One)


Dannika Harris writes, Colorado Convention Center welcomed the ISTE 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition.

Colorado Convention Center welcomed the ISTE 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition. You may ask yourself what is the ISTE? It is the International Society for Technology in Education or as I would say, all the tools you need to have successful students in schools. All the fun got started with a kickoff conference with Mario Armstrong (media guru). He got the crowd all hyped up and ready to go with his take on how to get teachers help they need to bring more technology into the classrooms. I think it also helped that he gave out awesome raffle prizes like the Apple I-Pad and a Laptop.After the kickoff conference, the Convention Center was full of pods, or groups of people blogging, facebooking, twittering, and e-mailing from all over the world. I got to join in on one group of teachers who were e-mailing and facebooking about free applications and programs they just heard about. I asked Angela Cunningham from Kentucky what she thought about the conference so far? She said ” I think so far it is very organized. Lots of conversations with others about new things in technology and I am having a great time”.I deceided to take a proper twittering class given by Mario Armstrong, and learned it is O.K. to make mistakes, and you can twitter or tweet about the same things other tweeters have done. I even got my Mom, Becky to try it. (ha, ha, ha) While I was there, I talked to Debbi Ball from Spur, Texas, a high school teacher in business and technology, and asked her what technology she would like to take back with her? “I would like to take back video demand, digital image, and new sound editing. I would love to share this with my classroom”. It looked like she was on her way to accomplishing that.I looked at my phone and it was time to go. Don’t worry I have three more days to learn about all the new and exciting things this conference has to offer.For more info check out , , and or come on down and see for yourself. This conference goes on from June 27th through June 30th.


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