I Like This….Wait I Like That


Collin Meyers writes, By: Bailey Cross…

By: Bailey Cross, Rachel Faulkner, Dannika Harris, Davis Anderson, and Collin MeyersThere are so many exhibits to look at that it is overwhelming. So we decided to feature those that we really hope make their way to our school.”lol ok g2g, POS, brb, l8r.” To many teens, this is common language, even in speaking. This is distressing. Kids’ vocabulary has been vastly depleted. The creators of WordXpress are on a mission to fix that. Using a massive word database, the program aims to bring colorful vocabulary back into society. Among all the smart and new technology, SmartBoards Smart Table caught our eye immediately. Four students can work on it at once and they can watch videos and play games. It’s a great way to get everyone involved.Serif, offers a unique group of programs that gives students the opportunity to learn new things in a new and creative way. For example, Serif’s “Photoplus” comes with tools similar to those included in Adobe’s “Photoshop”, but they are much simpler and kid-friendly. Weekly Reader is now in the 21 century and on the web? You can watch exciting videos that go along with the news stories, read interesting facts, and see colorful graphics. You can build robots out of Lego block that can be controlled by remotes or programmed on the computer. This stunning technology will be sure to help students learn all about robotics.