ISTE 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition.(Day Two)


Dannika Harris writes, Just imagine…

Just imagine, 2000 plus exhibitors opening up and showing off all the latest and up to date programs, tools, equipment, and everything a teacher could need for a classroom. Monday, June 28th, was the opening to the world’s largest ed-tech exhibit. All the big names were there like Canon, AT&T, Dell, Google, Lego, NASA, Microsoft, Panasonic, PBS, Sanyo, and Scholastic. But most of them I have never heard of until today.One of the most colorful booths was OKI Printing Solutions. This company located out of Mount Laurel, NJ. and would love to bring every classroom to life by printing materials. While giving the teachers and staff the tools and equipment to help manage printing cost. It also didn’t hurt having a mad scientist running around and bringing in new custumers. For more info check out .If your students are into maps, geography, and social studies, you will love the Maps101 booth. This company features Bing Maps, videos, National Geographic lesson plans, and my favorite, 3D imagery. Loraine Klotz, a sales director, was very excited to show me all the new educational games for grades K-12. Scott Wilson, a teacher from Dekalb County Schools, GA. said “Kids love this program, It’s a great resource for my students to use in reports and homework”. For more info check out .The booth I thought was most practical was the Weekly Reader Publishing Company. If you have been in an elementary school, you have seen a Weekly Reader one time or another. Just imagine, bringing your story to life with the help of a smart board. Click the green speaker button and hear, see, and live the article being read. Mr Ira Wolfman said ” Kids have a better way of understanding what they learned by the colorful graphics and exciting hands on videos”.For more info check out .The “every computer should have this product” booth was Man & Machine, Inc. While having lunch at the exhibit hall, I saw a sign saying Drooll and Bugger proof, I just had to check it out. Much to my surprise it was waterproof keyboards and mouse protectors. They had a wonderful display underwater with a working keyboard. What a great idea, I know we ALL have spilled drinks on keyboards before. For more info check out . Don’t worry there are no boogers on this sight.The most economical booth I thought was the PolyVision. I checked out the new Eno One interactive white board. You can use any other competitors software and hardware for this white board. This board is easy to adjust and even more easier on you pocket book. For more info about this product check out .There were so many different exhibitors I wish I could name them all. Thank You to all the people who took the time out to talk to me and making me feel welcome. I loved all the new products and know all teachers everywhere are looking forward to using them in their schools.