Let the “Eclipse” Begin


Bailey Cross writes, Grade: A- If you’re a human living on planet Earth…

Grade: A- If you’re a human living on planet Earth, chances are you’ve heard of the unbelievably popular movie franchise that has taken the world by storm. From Colorado to Singapore, England to Australia, teens are going gaga over the third installment in “The Twilight Saga.” “Eclipse,” which opened in theaters June 30th, is the “best one so far,” according to Dillon Dillyre of Arvada.”Eclipse” picks right back up where last year’s “New Moon” left off, with Bella Swan caught in a love triangle between two supernatural and superperfect guys. Edward Cullen, a “vegetarian” vampire (meaning that he does not feed on human’s blood, only the blood of animals) who’s had Bella’s heart from the start, finds himself in a little competition with Jacob Black, a werewolf and Bella’s personal sun and best friend. With graduation just around the corner, Bella finds that she must choose between the two, once and for all. This onscreen rivalry has sparked fierce debate between Twilight lovers off screen, with fans, both young and old, picking sides.Don’t worry boys; the movie isn’t all romance. The most action packed yet, “Eclipse” has once again proven that a movie in “The Twilight Saga” would not be complete without someone trying to kill Bella. With the creation of what appears to be a newborn vampire army close to home, both the Cullen’s (Edward’s family of other vegetarian vampires) and the wolf pack (Jacob’s group of werewolves) are set on edge. As the story unfolds, the discovery is made that the army is after Bella, and Bella alone. Natural born enemies in more ways than one, Edward and Jacob must put aside their differences and create a united front in order to protect the girl they love. Readers of the saga by Stephanie Meyer will be delighted to know that the movie stayed as close to the book as possible, in true “Twilight” fashion. Although in most cases this is fantastic news, viewers who are not familiar with the books may feel a little out of the loop. There are several loose ends in the film as well as references to events that occurred in the book but not the movie that some viewers might not get. I would definitely recommend brushing up on your Twilight facts by watching “Eclipse’s” predecessors and reading the oh-so-addicting novels. With the crazy cool action sequences, stellar soundtrack, and intriguing storyline, “Eclipse” is sure to satisfy all a movie-goers cravings and leave fans wanting more.


  1. The movie sounds great bu…
    The movie sounds great but at some parts you kinda lost my interest, its okay just try to work on that 🙂

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