Serif: Software made simpler


Davis Anderson writes, School projects.

School projects. We’ve all been there. We spend hours being sprawled out on the floor, makers and text books everywhere. If the whole process weren’t enough to make you go mad, when you finish your seemingly endless hours of working, you end up with a weak little project that doesn’t reflect the time and effort you put into it at all! Luckily for us, those days are over, thanks to the good people at Serif.This past week, I was given the opportunity to walk around many exhibits at the ISTE conference here in Denver. Serif was one such exhibit. Mary Beth Sonnier, a teacher from Calcasieu, Louisiana, told a group of teachers in her presentation that Serif not only builds confidence, but “tricks” kids into learning by having fun.Right across the hall from the Serif exhibit was Adobe’s exhibit. For those of you who don’t know, Adobe has created “industry-leading” software in fields such as cinema (Adobe After Effects), photography (Adobe Photoshop), and animation (Adobe Flash), as well as many others. As excellent as Adobe’s software may be, it lacks one crucial aspect. Simplicity. Serif has taken this gap in Adobe’s work and used it to create their own line of products. Serif employee Theresa Freeman told me that “what would take you four of five clicks on Photoshop only take 2 or 3 on PhotoPlus.”Serif offers a whole line of products similar to those at Adobe, but as they promise, they are much easier to use. Students can learn to use them in school in just a couple of days and quickly learn to create beautiful projects on the computer without having to waste all those hours on poster board and makers! DrawPlus, MoviePlus, WebPlus, PagePlus, and PhotoPlus are the five amazing products the Serif offers for retail sale and to schools.Serif is currently not in any schools in Colorado, this being because Serif is a UK based company. But Serif’s business manager Colin Hussey told me that they are “trying to spread the word”.When I asked Colin Hussey what makes Serif such a special program he told me, “Because [Serif is] really accessible and easy to use… teachers can feel comfortable teaching difficult concepts for the creative curriculum and students can realize their ideas.”Serif is an amazing company and is sure to make its way to Colorado schools in the future. To learn more about Serif and their great line of products, you can visit their website at