Technology Advances — Schools Are, Too


When you think of technology, you probably think of iPhones, iPads, or iPods.

When you think of technology, you probably think of iPhones, iPads, or iPods. However, schools are across the world-including Colorado-are using various kinds of technology as part of their school assignments and activities. At ISTE, International Society for Technology in Education, schools from Mexico, Kentucky, New York, and local Colorado came to share the uses of technology in the classroom.


Second graders of Castle Rock had a five-week project about famous Americans. Their teacher, Jacki Bledsoe, told us about the project and how it incorporated technology. Each second grader had to pick an American who made an impact to their society. They could choose sports figures, for example, the hockey player Wayne Gretzky, or other people who changed lives, such as the inventor Alexander Graham Bell or film producer Walt Disney.


The first week, these students had to make business cards using technology found on the computer. This task was to know the historical figure's name, age, and other important information. On the second week, they had to pick major events that happened to the person and created timelines. The next week's project was to create Powerpoint slideshows on their person. The students had to use information found from their research. Soon after that, iMovie projects were created. These second graders dressed up as their character and learned different techniques used for moviemaking on iMovie. On the final week of this project, they learned all about Google Earth and where their person lived.


At the conference, first prize winners of a Technology Fair were also presenting their projects from three schools in Aurora. Each winner created a project using computer technology for the category they were entering. The categories were digital art, digital storytelling, podcasting, multimedia, and games made from programming on certain websites. The teacher who organized this, Shannon Wentworth, showed us some of these projects. One student created a project based on the ship of the Titanic and how life was on it. Another, created a website based on the history and famous people of World War II. There were also projects about famous Disney characters, intelligence quizzes, and one student created a game formed on a website called Alice. To find out more, go to


Technology is used in schools everywhere. You can use it as part of your project or research paper. New technology will not only be a part of learning, but will also let you have fun while at it.


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