“Standing Ovation:” Family Musical of the Year


Bailey Cross writes, “Standing Ovation,” rated PG, puts a new twist on the classic tale of the American Dream.

“Standing Ovation,” rated PG, puts a new twist on the classic tale of the American Dream. When a nationwide music video competition promising a one million dollar prize and a trip to New York is announced, five junior high girls form a group, “The 5 Ovations,” in hopes of a shot at winning. Their biggest rivals, “The Wiggies,” a group of five rich, unscrupulous sisters, set out to do whatever it takes to ruin “The 5 Ovations” and claim the prize for themselves. With one hour and forty minutes of twenty original songs, thirteen dance numbers, competition, sabotage, and friendship, “Standing Ovation” is sure to satisfy all of your musical needs. ” ‘Standing Ovation’ is a movie starring kids, for kids, and a lot of it was written by the kids,” said Stewart Raffill, the director, during a recent interview. “It’s a movie where you see average kids, people like yourself, acting for the first time. The movie really is a competition and all of the beautiful, wonderful, exciting things that happen to you in real life is happening to people in the movie. It’s really about tweens and it could be you. It could be any of the kids watching.” Proclaimed by critics to be the junior high version of “High School Musical,” “Standing Ovation” is “a fun family film with a wonderful message,” according to Kayla Jackson, who plays the leader of “The 5 Ovations.””I hope kids get inspired to go out and succeed on their own with whatever their dreams are with effort, hard work and persistence,” Stewart said. “The movie shows first hand that anyone can go after their dreams and that they really can come true,” Kayla added. “Never give up and keep reaching for your dreams.” “Standing Ovation” dances into a theater near you July 16th. Check out www.StandingOvationMovie.com for songs, pictures, and more information.