A Movie So Great, it’s “Despicable”


Sara Hughes writes, Universal Studio’s newest hit for summer is “Despicable Me”.

Universal Studio’s newest hit for summer is “Despicable Me”. This fun family film is about a despicable character named Gru (Voice by Steve Carell) who wants to be the most clever and evil villain ever, so he decides to steal the moon. In order to go on with his evil plan, he needs to steal a shrink ray from a new young villain named Vector. When Gru sees three orphans selling cookies to Vector, he decides to adopt the girls just so he can get into Vector’s house (no easy task!) and steal the shrink ray when they go back to deliver the cookies. Many amusing characters join Gru in his evil plan, including lots of silly minions. Unexpectedly, Gru forms a bond with the girls and…. you have to see the movie to find out what happens next! I love this movie because it was funny, exciting, and at times, sweet. I thought it was entertaining from beginning to end and it has a fun and upbeat sound track. Stay for the credits- the minions are back to make you laugh one more time!!! This film is rated PG. Additional Voices by: Jason segel,Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Will Arnett and Julie Andrews.


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