Camp- The Best Place to Spend your Summer


Taylor Kelly writes, Summer is a time when you get to have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the sun.

Summer is a time when you get to have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the sun. At Eagle Lake Camp, I got to do all that. Eagle Lake is a Christian sleep-away camp for boys and girls 8-18. In the five days I was there, I had an amazing time!At Eagle Lake I learned more about God in a deep understanding. Through bible studies, group games, activities, and exciting camp meetings, I was not only able to learn about the bible, but I learned how to apply my knowledge while having an abundance of fun! At Eagle Lake you get really close to the five or six girls or boys in your cabin and your counselor. Bible studies were fun because we had each other’s ideas to think about and discuss as a cabin. We also had a cabin of boys, our brother cabin, to talk to as well. I never thought that I would be fond of reading the bible at camp when I could have been horseback riding, but I enjoyed myself.Crawford! Downing! These were some of the chants that broke out during the day. Each year at Eagle Lake brings a new theme. This year the camp was a Classic Fine Arts Academy. The houses, Downing and Crawford, competed to earn points by winning competitions, memorizing bible verses, or even picking up trash. Crawford and Downing also earned points by angle ball, capture the flag, and human fuse-ball! Each camp-wide meeting included an educational skit about what was happening at the Academy and great music from the camp band. My house, Crawford, won the competition, but not from memorizing bible verses. We won most of our points from the Maximus! The Maximus is a crazy competition full of cheers, relay races, and more! At the end one team member must eat a lemon; skin, seeds, and all!In the heart of the Rockies, Eagle Lake, like almost any other sleep-away camp, has a lake! This isn’t just any lake though. This lake has a blob! The blob is this well… a blob in the lake that you get launched off of and into freezing fresh water. This activity is a camp favorite. You can also go kayaking, canoeing, and can even zip line across the lake! The zip line at Eagle Lake is the 5th largest in North America. You can also do dippy. Dippy is where you jump in the lake, really early in the morning, and then just hop out. I did dippy once and that freezing cold wake-up was enough for me to not want to do dippy the rest of the week. Some campers do dippy everyday of the week to get a dippy badge. Everyday!Eagle Lake Camp gives you free time everyday. In that free time you could learn a skill like horseback riding, archery, arts & crafts, rappelling, riflery, or slack lining. I did the skills slack lining and riflery; both were great! Instead of doing a skill you could also enjoy the lake and zip line, camp store, of even use the flight simulator (more commonly known as the Vom-a-Tron). Free time was one of my favorite activities during my Eagle Lake experience. There’s so much to do, I never got bored!I have read may books, heard many stories about summer camps and have always fantasized about going to one myself. Summer camp at Eagle Lake was not at all how I pictured it. Eagle Lake was fantastic anyway! I had an outstanding experience at Eagle Lake and hope you can experience it too. For more information go to


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