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Allyson Malecha writes, At ISTE 2010…

At ISTE 2010, many different exhibitors advertised their products, gave away products, and had examples of what their company sold. But one booth really stood out to me, an organization called We Give Books. We Give Books is an organization that runs on the internet, and for every book read, the Pearson Foundation gives away a brand new book to projects like Books for Asia, Books Across America, and Haiti Learning Spaces. On the website, (www.wegivebooks.org), many picture books are available for free online reading, which is great for all ages.We Give Books was founded by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation in order to give kids globally a chance to learn how to read and have fun doing so. On the website, you can read a book as many times as you want to. You even have the option to buy the book!Here’s how it works. Go to www.wegivebooks.org. When you are there, select “Choose” and pick the charity you would like to read for. After you have chosen your charity, select the book you would like to read. After you are done with the book, click on “Finish Reading.” Then you have to become a member on the site.(If you are under 13, a parent must register for you.) After you are registered, have fun with your membership and read as many books as you would like. There are great books for all ages, but they are geared to kids under 10.Please visit this website, and pick your cause today. I highly recommend it to anybody and everybody who loves to read.


  1. that sounds like a cool o…
    that sounds like a cool organization! i will totally become a member!

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