Dannika Harris writes, We have all heard of Legos, and at one time or another, we have played with them.

We have all heard of Legos, and at one time or another, we have played with them. But I bet you didn’t know they were educational. At the ISTE 2010 Conference held at the Colorado Convention Center, I got the honor of talking to Steffanie Forbes, an Education Consultant for Lego Education. She was so excited to show off all the new tools and programs students can do in school using Legos. I sat down with her at the computer and was shown a program that brought my Lego animal to life. Steffanie said” Just imagine this in a first or second grade classroom, the kids would be so fascinated, they would have no idea they are learning mathematics with some engineering.” She was right, I had no idea I was learning. For the older students, there are robotics and energy structures. Students can make their own vehicles or robots, and race them, pick up things, and even have obstacle courses to challence other students. By adding computers, programs, and structures, students have a whole new outlook on what they can be or do in the world of tomorrow.. For more info about Lego Smart check out www.LEGOeducation.com/LEGOsmart or www.LEGOeducation.us . I have already ordered the Wind Gen Kit and am very excited to put it together. It is a mill I assemble that runs on wind power. I would like to thank Steffanie Forbes and Debra Smith for all the wonderful info and for their time. Also, a great big thank you to the people at the ISTE Conference for letting me check out all the new and exciting booths. The world of tomorrow, today, has become a lot more exciting.


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