Travel Around the World Without Leaving Denver


Rebecca Bloomfield writes, Ever want to run a business? International Towne is the place for you.

Ever want to run a business? International Towne is the place for you.At International Towne you spend a fun filled week learning about world trade, global economics, foreign currency, other cultures, and games played in other countries. Each day we played games from a different region around the world. One of my favorites was called catch the broom.Everyday we also learned about world trade and played a world trade game. We learned about tariffs (taxes on imported goods), embargos (boycotts), shipping methods, and imports and exports. Other topics included foreign currency, currency exchange, and credit cards. International Towne is at the Young Americans bank and looks like and is set up like a miniature world.On the last day of camp we ran International Towne which has 16 countries from around the world. Each country sells some kind of souvenir which demonstrates the culture of that country. You can buy drinks in Mexico, boomerang keychains in Australia, and chocolate in Ghana just to name a few. Finland makes bird houses. Some countries also offer a service: Greece ships the supplies needed. Currency is exchanged at the bank in Singapore. Germany is in charge of music and broadcasting ads for the different countries and you must get your passport in Egypt. Each country also offers a cultural activity. For instance, I gave museuem tours in China. You could also calculate CO2 emissions in Brazil, and do a taste test in Ukraine.Usually a country had four citizens: a president, a finance minister, a customs agent, and a sales person. The president made sure everything in the country ran smoothly. The finance minister took care of the money, paid the bills, filled out needed papers, and made sure everyone paid their credit card bills. The customs agent greeted people and stamped passports and the sales person sold souvenirs and did other jobs too. Greece had a freight forwarder and Japan had a reporter. Great Britain published the newspaper and sold it. Each country had cultural costume worn by its citizens. I wore a hat from China.For part of the time I worked at my job giving tours and then part of the time I got to travel and spend my salary at the other countries. I bought a bird house in Finland and made a tissue flower in Costa Rica. I thought seeing what each country looked like was interesting and the cultural activities were fun.International Towne was a lot of fun. Anyone interested in other countries should definitely “travel” to this camp!


  1. Good story!
    Good story!! I like your title but in the last paragraph of your story make a reference back to your title so it will wrap up your story. Good job though!! Sounds like an interesting topic.

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