Grand Lake is Truly Grand


I was strolling through town, wearing a cute new pair of earrings from the Silver Moose, and quickly licking my melting ice cream cone.

I was strolling through town, wearing a cute new pair of earrings from the Silver Moose, and quickly licking my melting ice cream cone. Before that we had gone tubing, waterskiing, and boating on Grand Lake. I love and enjoy being in the mountains and I want to share that love and joy with everyone that hasn't visited this beautiful mountain get away town of Grand Lake.


Although my family and I have a cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake, we enjoy going to the town of Grand Lake often. (Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain are connected by a small river which boats can travel through.) When we head into town my family and I usually have a hard time deciding what to do, since there's a lot to do and it's all so much fun!! Here's a list of recommended things do when you visit Grand Lake.


Land Options:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park It is located just around the corner from the entrance to the town of Grand Lake. The park has many activities including fishing, backpacking, hiking, camping and horseback riding. It is beautiful and since there are so many forms of entertainment, the park is ideal for all ages.


2. Grand Lake Boardwalk Shoppers, here is where you're going to be living for your entire vacation up in the scenic Rocky Mountains. There are more than 60 restaurants, shops, galleries, and bars. The shops include The Silver Moose (where i got my cute earrings), clothing stores, and much more.


3. Horseback Riding You can have two hours of fun and beauty when you take a breathtaking horseback ride through the Rockies. Sombrero Ranches invite families with kids to come also. Please visit for more information on a ride of a lifetime.


4. Hiking There are so many places to hike in and around Grand Lake. You can hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park, or in one of my favorite places in the world, Adams Falls. It's on the east side of Grand Lake and not more than 10 minutes out of town. Just a few minutes of hiking gets you to the beautiful falls. You can also continue on the path to a series of magnificent meadows where wildlife is also often seen.


Water Options:

1. Boating-In Grand Lake you can rent a boat (a fishing boat, ski boat, pontoon boat, or jet skis), or you can bring your own and put your boat in at the one of the public boat launches. Tubing and skiing are my personal favorites, but you can also fish.


2. Grand Lake Yacht Club The Grand Lake Yacht Club is recognized as one of the highest Yacht clubs in the world. It is also know as one of the oldest Yacht clubs in the West, claimed to be founded in 1901.


3. The Beach The sandy beach in Grand Lake is a place for family, friends, and LOTS of fun. At the beach you can enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddling, rowing, or just laying around and relaxing. You are also only steps away from the best ice cream in town!!


This past fourth of July, my entire family was up at our cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake and it was the highlight of my summer. I strongly encourage you and your family to take a break from your hectic city life and visit Grand Lake and then you can see that it truly is grand.


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