A Walk Around Downtown, Seeing Some Fancy Art


Abe Lamontagne writes, On July 23…

On July 23, 2010 kids from the Denver Metro Area got together in The Denver Post building to learn about writing, especially for newspapers, to take amazing pictures, and more about newspapers. For 2 1/2 hours of the afternoon they split up into 6 groups. One group, Group Three to be precise, went out to the Denver Art Museum and back to take pictures (and learn about) art between the two locations. They started by walking out the Cheyenne Pl. entrance/exit to “Pioneer Fountain,” the end of the famous “Smoky Hill Trail.” Then, they walked a little ways to The Yearling, a statue with a horse on a BIG chair. They walked across the plaza they were in to The GIANT Broom and Dustpan, where I interviewed Baji Rankin (interview posted separately). Then they took the walkway to Sea Lion Fountain, seeing 3 statues of people on the way.


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